Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October Relief Society Meeting

Tonight was a great success!!!  Thank you Samantha for all of your hard work and inspiration.  We had over 45 women attend our Provident Living Freezer/100 Meal Challenge Meeting.  Several Sisters prepared crockpot meals for us all to sample.  What better way than to try these great meals, before actually fixing them for your family.  We were well fed, and inspired to make use of what we have and being prepared.  Being the genius that I am, I didn't take any pictures, so sorry I can't share that.  I recently heard that if you are taking a lot of pictures, your missing what is going on around you, so that is probably why I don't!  They said that the people taking pictures cannot tell you what was going on as well as those who enjoy the moment.  I did enjoy the moment.  Each of the Sister's who made their crockpot meal was treated to a frozen meal prepared by Samantha.  We have such great talent in the ward, it is so fun to get together and learn from each other!  Thanks to all who came, you make it fun for those who go to great lengths to prepare.  Love you!!!

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