Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Little Things do Matter

We had such a great couple of weeks of Relief Society Lessons.  I am slowly being converted to the Relief Society.  I have had a hard time graduating from Primary or Young Women's to come to Relief Society.  I thought I couldn't sit still and listen for 3 hours, I must be getting old!!!  I am actually really enjoying it.  With age comes wisdom, but in my case senility.  I have really been touched by the lessons Kaelynn gave and then Kathy this week.  It could be because of my love for these dear Sister's, and feeling like I share in their joys and heartaches.  I do have to say, that I feel that way about everyone.  It seems hard to believe that after a couple of month's living in our ward, I feel like our new Sister's have been here forever, and have etched their way into my heart.  I have really enjoyed visiting with each of you and getting to know you, and see all of the little things that make our ward such a great place.  I was surprised to see the young sister here today, checking out the ward.  I thought, well after today I'm sure she signed papers to buy a house in River Stone.  I have been so blessed to know each of you, and I wish you and your families they best of everything.  Don't forget I love you sista's!!!!

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