Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Week to Focus on Gratitude

What a great way to start the week, with the lesson taught today by Amy Andrews.  President Monson's words were a great reminder to be a little better each day.  As this week gets more busy and hectic, we need to remember to be thankful for all of our circumstances.  If you feel overwhelmed and begin to be cranky, go hide and relax for a minute.  If you are tempted to say something unkind, pop a piece of chocolate into your mouth.  If you feel over worked and under appreciated, then do something nice, and don't expect anything in return.  In other words walk the path that Jesus has shown us.  And remember how you were looking forward to having family and friends surrounding you, love them!  We are having a quiet Thanksgiving at the Sandvik Home, and that too I am grateful for.  Maybe I can get up a few Christmas decorations, or sew, or better yet rest!!!  Just know how much I love and appreciate you!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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