Thursday, November 13, 2014

That's not what I meant!

I am probably one of the most scattered brain person you will ever meet.  I try to fit all my thoughts into one sentence, and then wonder how I wasn't clear.  Just so I am clear, we are having our RS Craft Day on November 19th 12-4pm.  We are meeting in the cultural hall at the church and are having you bring your own lunch.  The RS will provide a drink and dessert.  There are 3 activities to choose from

1.  Placemats- quilt as you go.  $10.00 for 2.  We still have some available.

2.  Stacked Wood Blocks. $8.00.  Let us know asap so we will have some for you.

3.  Tile Magnets.  The cost should be about $.30 each.  We will have a variety there, plenty of extras.

If you want to come and visit, we will have a humanitarian quilt set up to work on.  Our Christmas Gathering will be for Humanitarian Effort.  We need to get a few quilts tied.  If you would like to work on one at home, they are lap size or crib size and should be easy to do.  Bring your children to play in the other end of the room with you.   Invite your neighbors.  The more we gather, the closer we become.  It just won't be the same without you!!!!

Love you!!!!

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