Friday, October 3, 2014

It's General Conference Time!!!

We live in a world of demands and schedules.  When we think of taking time out to sit and watch TV, we quickly convince ourselves we just don't have time.  Because we are so blessed to have Conference twice a year, we tend to take it for granted.  When talking to some of my friends of different religions, they are very intrigued with the fact we have living Prophets here today.  I have often been asked if I just live to hear what they have to say.  Sadly, I probably don't like I should.  There is so much turmoil in the world today and it is a breathe of fresh air to be able to hear words of comfort and encouragement.  I understand that we do have places we need to be, without a choice, it's simply out of our control.  I am so grateful for the technology we have today.  We can record it and watch it later and we can pull out our computer and watch if from there.  I am also grateful for the Women who caused a scene over the Priesthood.  I did enjoy watching the Priesthood meeting at home last Conference.  We can listen again and again, then in November have it in written form to read and study.  I want to hear as soon as I can, so I am scheduling my weekend around Conference,  not Conference around conflicts.  I am looking forward to my Sunday PJ day, it's my favorite way to attend!!!  Because of all of the controversial issues facing us today, I am excited to hear what the Prophet's feel important to share with us.  From the Women's Meeting I predict, we will hear a lot about the Temple.  It will be fun to see.  I encourage each of my Sista's to take time, slow down and listen to a Prophets Voice!  Love you, Connee

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