Thursday, October 2, 2014

Women's Meeting

I sure hope everyone got a chance to watch or listen to the Women's Meeting Broadcast.  I was on my way to Arizona, but was able to listen as we traveled.  It is just amazing that we can listen from about anywhere.  We tuned into BYU Radio, and voila, there it was.  Because it was on the radio, I was not able to view the beautiful video they presented.  I look forward to taking a look at it this weekend, now that I am home.  I love Sister Wixsom.  We met her in New Mexico last year, when Aaron was invited to attend Philmont.  She took a special interest in Cole, who we had taken along with us.  He was so lucky to be able to attend Primary put on by the General Primary President.  I could see a change occur in him, as he felt the love from the outstanding leaders that attended.  I hope it will always be a memory, that will influence his life.  I sure missed eveyone this week in Relief Society, but I did get to see my Carree's little family in Phoenix.  I have to say, I enjoyed a really relaxing time in a beautiful resort.  Now back to real life.  I am excited to hear the messages that will be presented this weekend in General Conference.  Just a reminder, the town will be experiencing the Marathon Invasion.  My advice to all is "Stay Home"!!!  Be sure to get your shopping done, and then you'll have no reason to go out in the mess.  Glad to be home!!  Connee

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