Friday, September 5, 2014

A Blast From The Past!

Who remembers these?  I do!!!  Resin Grapes were in every home of LDS Women in the 60's.  I was not from an active family, so I didn't have any in my childhood home.  I was so envious of these shiny globes and what the represented.  Well, now as the holiday season is approaching, I am currently trying to put together a memorable Christmas Party.  I want to to be a retro visit to the 60's.  In the process, I thought resin grapes were what we need to decorate with.  I am asking any of you that might possibly have some, to dig them out and share for the party.  Now taking it to the next extreme, I am going to make some!  You would not believe how much they are bringing on ebay.  They are a real hot item, and are showing up in home decor around the country.  Anyone who is interested in making them with me, let me know.  I will welcome the company, and anything I get myself into, always turns into an adventure.  Also, the theme of the party is "Ugly Christmas Sweater".  Now I am trying to offend anyone, that is just what these types of parties are referred to.  So dust off your sweater, or get decorating up one for the occasion.  I think prizes should be in order, don't you!  I know it's early, but I'm always thinking about the next event well ahead.  I hope I got you thinking about your favorite memories of Relief Society Past.  Be sure to let me know!!!  Love ya, Connee

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