Sunday, November 6, 2016

Understanding The Sabbath is a Delight

It's amazing how the older I get, the more I understand!  I'm sure that what the Apostles and Prophet tell us has become more meaningful, rather than I am finally listening.  It has been a big focus as of late to observe and understand the purpose of the Sabbath.  As a young mother, I hated Sundays, or the biggest fight day of the week.  Getting 5 kids up and ready for Church, especially by 9 am, was the worst.  I had learned all the words of the Children's Hymn, "Saturday", but I did not live them.  Saturday is a special day, it's the day we get ready for Sunday.  So, finding the clothes that the Sandvik 5 would wear would begin on Sunday Morning.  I'd do my best to do my 4 girls hair, but get to church to see I missed Shannon.  Of course, Shannon and Kim Lewis were the same age.  Bonnie would have Kim in her perfect dress with not a hair out of place.  I would have to fight with my stubborn Jared on why we needed to hurry.  Totally frustrated and exhausted, we'd find our sacred bench and plop down.  My voice hoarse from yelling and my dress on backwards or inside out we'd begin worship.  Now, being able to sit in silence and remember the Savior during the sacrament was a non existent event on the Sandvik Bench.  I would explain each week to Carree, we don't do our activities packed in my bag until after the sacrament was over.  Now to honest, Darcy didn't come into the picture until much later, so I usually had 4 kids to wrestle.  I just thought 5 would give me more credit for trying.  But my expectations were out of whack.  I was thinking that the Sabbath would give to me what I needed, rather than what can I do to make the Sabbath a Delight.

As the world gets more and more confusing, I am truly finding that Sunday's mean I don't have to worry about the challenges that I face every other day.  If I have a of suggestion to help you, plan and prepare on "Saturday".  Know ahead what your going to wear, eat and most important, pray for help to be prepared physically and spiritually.  I'm grateful for Russell M. Nelson's recent talks on the Sabbath, they have really helped me to look at the Sabbath in a new perspective.  Now my Sundays are quiet and lonely.  Aaron leaves early in the morning and is in and out throughout the day.  He doesn't return home until the evening.  As I rattle around the house in my comfy nightgown, I reflect on how much I wish I had my children at home again to teach them to love the Sabbath.

I send my love to all of my sweet Sisters, and wish you a Delightful Sabbath!

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