Friday, May 22, 2015

You snooze, you lose!

Sisters, I realize that May is an extremely busy month, but if you missed our Wednesday Night RS Meeting, you missed out!  We were enlightened on taking care of our hearts and how simple it can be.  We are so blessed to have Sara in our ward, and her willingness to share her knowledge in a very informal setting.  I'm glad to have her tell me what I needed to do before, I have to visit her professionally!  We also now have our cars equipped with emergency kits, by Samantha taking all of the work out of it for us.  We also learned to make yogurt from our tons of powdered milk we have in food storage.  I am a yogurt sceptic, and was pleasantly surprised on how delicious and easy this was.  If you don't now, you need to make an effort to attend our RS Wednesday Meetings.  I promise we have learned, served and made lasting friendships, by just showing up!  A special thanks to our Self Reliance Committee, Samantha Doebler and Sylvia Olsen, and Sara Beck for a job well done.  Bravo!!!!

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