Monday, January 26, 2015

Wheat Class

Our January Relief Society Self Reliance Meeting was a great success. Sylvia has a vast knowledge of wheat which she shared with us. She has taught this class on her mission and in our ward many times before. I never grow tired of being reminded of the many uses we have with wheat. The taste table was yummy!! A special thanks to those sisters who made the recipes for us to try, we couldn't have done it without each of you. I hope all of you who took home your bag of wheat will use it while the recipes are fresh in your mind, and get out your wheat and continue to use it. Samantha and Sylvia both have a passion of self reliance and are always a resource if you have any questions on food storage and its uses. We won't have another self reliance class until April, so be sure to keep your preparedness going!!! I am planting a bunch of beets this week, so when they are ready I'll let you know, for canning. It is time to plant a lot of your veggies now!! The city offers many classes on gardening in the desert, be sure to check it out on their website or the water conservancy site.

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