Monday, January 5, 2015

Change is Good?

    Sunday was an eventful day for the Primary.  With the chaos of new classes, new teachers and a new Year, the Primary got a new Presidency.  Sister Sun'y Ham, Kathy Adams and Kelly Bringhurst were released from doing an extraordinary job.  I know when you are released from such a huge calling it leaves you feeling empty for a while.  Just know a rolling stone collects no moss, and such talented ladies will not go unused.  Thank you Sisters for loving and caring for our Primary Children and teaching them the gospel.  Your service will be forever appreciated. 
     Now, a big congratulations goes to Danielle (thought she was under the radar) Harrison, Karin Killian and Kira Mackay for their new callings.  What an awesome Presidency!!!  We are excited for you.  I have a word for each of you Sisters:  I know you will be busy, but remember you ARE a member of the Relief Society forever.  We want you to make an effort to support those Sisters who plan events and activities on your behalf.
When I was in other organizations, I thought I was not in Relief Society!  Boy did I deny myself to many great opportunities.  It is my hope that we understand our purpose here at this time and the importance of supporting one and other.  We all put all we have into our callings and tend to base our success on attendance.  This is not the case though, those who do not attend are the ones that lose.  

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