Monday, December 29, 2014

What Happened? 2014....GONE!!!!

Here we are, ready to ring in a New Year!!!  I can't believe how quickly a year passes by.  We have had many things happen in our Relief Society this past year.  We have welcomed new Sisters and said goodbye to others.  We have played, learned and socialized together.  We have grieved with each of our Sisters who have lost their loved ones, and celebrated the arrival of new babies.  All and all, I have to say, it was quite an eventful year.  I am excited to welcome a new year and new adventures.  We are starting off the new year with a "BANG"!   I'm excited to learn from Sylvia Olsen, again (for me), on what to do with our wheat.  I don't care how many times I attend these classes, I just don't retain all of the information.  It never hurts to hear it again, and remember that wheat if for more than bread.   I hope to see you there!!!  Love you!!!! Connee

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