Monday, December 15, 2014

Annual Christmas Party

We certainly had a fun Christmas Party!!!  I have recovered after a long (17 hour) winters nap!  I do love a good party.  I hope everyone had a great time.  Thank you to all that help to make this such a success.  It was so fun to hear the Elder's Quorum in the kitchen peeling potatoes, laughing and talking.  Thanks to the Missionary Committee for delivering the invitations.  Thank you goes out to the High Priest Group for be excellent Greeters at the doors.  The Young Women were excellent hostesses sharing appetizers to those who were visiting with each other, and bringing you a yummy dessert.  The handsome Young Men were excellent waiters, I was worried we wouldn't have many, my mistake!  There were so many Young Men, I was overwhelmed.  Thanks to all my little friends, the Primary!!!  I enjoy children so much, and crawling around the stage with them was the highlight to my evening.  Thanks to all the Sister's who brought appetizers, to make our event special from the minute the guests entered the doors.  They were yummy!!!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Kaelyn, Dan, Erica, Dan and my special friends Verla and Ron for the fantastic meal.  Most of all thank you to my Sweet Aaron, for putting up with the garage full of party supplies for the past 6 months, and the having to haul truck loads to the Church!!!  It certainly takes a little effort from everyone to make a successful party!
I hope you are ready to come to my house on Wednesday Evening at 7 pm, for more fun for the Relief Society Sisters.  I love you so much, and love to do for you.  Please come relax and visit and be our guest!!  Love, Connee

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