Friday, March 18, 2016

RS Birthday Celebration

A great big thank you goes out to all of those who helped us pull off the best attended Relief Society Meeting ever!!!  Bonnie Lewis, Jayne Hoyt, Genine Rowley and the Relief Society Presidency made this event a beautiful night.

We started off the evening with a wonderful meal of Cafe Rio Style Salads.  All enjoyed their meal, while visiting with each other.  The highlight of the meal was topping it off with Zeppes, Green Apple Italian ice topped with creamy custard.  My favorite, I have to say.

Jayne Hoyt, gave a beautiful talk on friendship.  She related her own personal story of friendship, touching the hearts of all there.  Thank you, Jayne, for sharing such a tender story.

We then had a fun game of friendship, speed style.  It was so fun to watch how awkward everyone was at first, and how they tried to rush through the questions.  Then you had some of the Sisters change seats, and the laughing began.  With each switch, the room got louder and the laughter increased.  At the end of the game, new friends were found and they found out a lot about each other that they didn't know.

Thank you to all that support us on our Wednesday Meetings.  We certainly try to do something to benefit the Women in our Ward, we can never find an idea that interests everyone, but we appreciate your support.  Please watch for our next activity.  It will be from our Self Reliance Committee, and these are alway fun.

I love all of you silly girls.  Have a fabulous week!!

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