Sunday, November 8, 2015

I'm Back!!!

I feel like I have been gone forever!! I had a wonderful visit with my Darcy. Of course, it was hard to leave my baby girl behind. I was so grateful to find her in wonderful surroundings. A couple blocks from the Hyde Park Chapel and in a safe area of London. I cannot express my gratitude for the Gospel around the world. My baby girl really was struggling here, and needless to say, I was so very concerned. When she suggested to me that she wanted to go to London, immediately I said yes. I didn't even know where that came from. I have kept her safe under my wing and now I was going to let her travel to another country to live!!! Well, that yes has proved to have been one of the best moves ever. We had to hurry our day activities along so she could attend institute. Who was this girl? Not only one night, but two!! Not to mention FHE, grateful, yes...but more like blessed. I have to come to understand that I don't care where my children live, as long as they are happy and growing in the gospel. Thanks to Kathy McConkie for being my strong example. I can do it too!!!
Although I wasn't here, that doesn't mean I wasn't thinking and praying for each of you. I wanted to share my special relationship with my dear friend Shirley Johnson. I was assigned years ago to be Shirley's visiting teacher. Each month I would sit and visit with this sweet Sister. I learned of her firm testimony and love for her Savior. She was raising her two Grandchildren, Avery and Adrianne. She did all she could to ensure these sweet grandchildren had every opportunity available. She supported their attendance to the Youth Activities, and when I was put in as Young Women's President she supported me whole heartedly. Foster and Shirley have always been willing to do whatever was needed from them to help and support our Ward. When my Father passed away, they were there for me. Foster led the military rites and collected the shells from the ground and gave them to my family. I still have mine tucked away and often look at, I cannot look though, without Foster and Shirley being in my thoughts. The past few years have really been a struggle for Shirley, as her health has declined. Whe lost her Son this past summer, which took a significant blow on her. When I went to see her after her surgery, she had just been admitted in ICU. I boldly went in, like I belonged there. I went in her room expecting to see her awake and recovering. I stepped in the room, and much to my surprise, I saw a frail old woman ready to meet her Father in Heaven. I gently put my hand over hers and told her goodbye and that I loved her. I knew Shirley had made her decision to join her Son and many more and was preparing her departure. Right before I boarded the plane, I got a call that Shirley had passed. I felt torn on leaving, because she was so special to me I find comfort in knowing that I will see my sweet friend again and tell her how much I love her.

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