Saturday, August 8, 2015

This is your 2nd Warning!!!

Sisters!!!  I've warned you before, and I'll say it again.  Emptying your dishwasher is dangerous!!!  I have now passed the baton onto my family, I will not do it again.  This is the second time I was crippled from this very dangerous task.  I was able to trek 28 miles with minor aches and pains, but I cannot and will not empty the dishwasher again.  A very close second is making the bed, followed by vacuuming.  I had no idea that I was entering the danger zone, simply by cleaning my house.  It is time we unite and let the world know, we place our very well being in jeopardy by cleaning up after others.  Hopefully I will be on my feet again to join you on Sunday.  In the meantime I am hobbling around and have very interesting dismounts off a chair.  Take care of yourselves and watch out for these dangers right there in every one of our homes!!  Love You, Connee.

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