Monday, April 13, 2015

If your Visiting Teaching Changes

I am amazed at all the work it is to keep Visiting Teaching running smoothly.  It couldn't, without the great service of Sister Shirley Land.  She helps me keep track of all the Sisters who need a visiting teacher and who could serve as one.  She works diligently behind the scenes, and a mere thank you is not enough for her.  I know many of us are creatures of habit.  We don't like change, but sometimes it is necessary.  After listening to Conference, it was clear to me, that if we remain complacent, we lose our stronghold in the Gospel.  I challenge any of you that have changes to accept them and give it the old college try!!!  But, most of all, if you no longer Visit Teach a Sister, you can still pop in and say hello.  To me, it is silly to build a friendship based only on being a Visiting Teacher.  So many times we remember the talents of those we have got to know, and can call upon them to help us in our lives and church assignments.  You can NEVER have too many friends.  Jump out of your comfort zone and do what doesn't come naturally to you!!!  I do that every day as I wake up and try to be a Relief Society President.  I totally rely on those talents of the Sisters I have come to know.  My favorite part of my calling is doing visits!!!  Thank you so much for your service!!!  I love all of you!!  Connee

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