Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Visiting Teaching Social

What a wonderful evening of friendship, encouragement and chocolate.  If you weren't able to make it to our Visiting Teaching Social, you were truly missed.  We received words of encouragement as well as a brief history on Visiting Teaching, taught by Shirley Land.  Shirley is our Visiting Teaching Coordinator.  She shared her love of the program and helped us remember why we do Visit Teach.  A special thank you to all of those Sister's who were able to bring Hot Chocolate, it was simply "Delicious".  I was able to don my favorite apparel, not Christmas, but my "nighty".  Sorry I have no pictures of me in my jammies, but there was a reason.  I just wanted to remind each of you that you need to know you need to be comfortable with any assignments you have.  
We need each other, and need to be needed.  Be a friend to those you are assigned to teach, you will soon find you sincerely love and care for those you serve.  If you are not a Visiting Teacher and would like to be one, please let me know.  There truly are rewards to those who serve!!!  I love each of you and appreciate the efforts you put forth in service.  Our Ward is amazing!!!

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