Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I have lived in Bloomington for 29 years. I have been a member of this ward the entire time. I have seen it go from being part of St. George Stake to Bloomington Stake, from 4 wards to 13. My children started school in St. George attending the newly constructed Bloomington Elementary. We have had many RS Presidents, but I don't remember the order: Lee Marsden, Kathy McConkie, Barbara Plewe, Carolyn Dewees, Vonda Williams, Sharon Olsen, Kathy Harker, Annette Kogan, Kristine Harrop and currently Kaelyn Spencer. We have had floods, fires, births, deaths, marriages,divorces and every other life event imagined. One think that remains strong is our faith and unity. Basically I have grown up in this ward, it is my family. For many years we have remained the same size, and now we are experiencing much growth. As new homes pop up in Los Colinas and River Stone, we find we have room in our hearts for many new Sisters. It is my wish that we can share many good time in the coming years. We are excited to get to know each other and share many more life experiences together. I hope this blog will serve as an avenue to sharing, learning and getting acquainted with each other. I will try to add to it often, so please follow us! Much love, Connee

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